I’ve finally done some long overdue updates to this site. The most obvious is to give it a new look. The second is to set up a new website address. My new address is http://www.Lowe.Photography. Yep…no .com but with a new suffix of .photography. I’m still working out the little problems that have popped up with changing the look. Oh and I’m ordering some new business cards.

Mari and the Monitors

Here’s a swing jazz band I shot recently at the Fireside lounge in Alameda. This was my first time at this bar and first time at a Mari show.  The shots were hard to get since it was so dark inside. I used the beer fridge light as my main lighting source!

They are a fabulous act and I highly recommend all those interested in this music to check them out. Interesting enough the following band that night was a rockabilly punk band which reminded me of The Stray Cats.

Photo of the Day: Oakland Museum of California

Here’s an interesting photo I took during the free museum day this past Sunday. It’s much the style I used to take when I was primarily a B/W film photographer. I love light, shadows & patterns. What do you think it is? I’d like to think of it as pseudo bird house condo. Oh and the museum itself is a gem. It’s the only museum dedicated to the history of California. I highly recommend a visit here if you haven’t already done so.

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Burlesque shoots are moving……

I’ve decided to move to a new blog site for my burlesque and pin-up photography. I’m just trying to do a bit of reorganizing and maybe make this area a bit more PG rated to show off my other areas of photography. Afterall it would be a bit strange to see nothing but half naked performers if I’m trying to show off my wedding photography. LOL

So this space will get a bit less skin but for those that can’t get enough of it, get a load of my new alias and blog site below:

Filthay Douchay!!!

Uh, still reading this? Click on name above.

Tease O Rama – Los Shimmy Shakers

You wouldn’t have bouncin’ boobies if you don’t have music! Opening the TOR show on Thursday night was the fabulous Los Shimmy Shakers. Unfortunately this was also the last gig for their bass player (auditions going on now). Also an awesome guest vocalist was Scott Holderby. Not sure who shook the stage more….the gogo dancer or himself. It was a shame that he only graced the stage for a song.

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